It's one of those days.

My mind won't stop running.  Not jogging, not walking, not even race walking (can we pause for a moment and all picture a race walker- it's just funny!  and incase you have never seen one:   ).  My mind is literally running - I'm trying to keep up by writing notes down as I go but my brain keeps flipping from one topic to another.  One moment I'm thinking about 2014's wedding calendar and then the next I'm thinking about an idea for an inspiration shoot, how I need to order more film, the list of items in my adorama cart that keeps growing as I plan my dark room, then all the sudden I switched gears and I'm thinking about real estate and flipping a house, then dreams of building my own home then I realize it's been 5 mins since I took a sip of my coffee and it's almost cold now.  sad.  Maybe I should have gone with decaf today. With the new year comes new ideas, hopes, inspiration and change.  I've always been the girl who had the list of resolutions all written out on a pretty note pad with stars drawn all up and down the margins of the page.   Then by the second week of January that list is under piles of paper and boxes and an empty coffee cup on my desk descended to be forgotten until June when I do a massive cleaning and unearth the list.  At that point I can often check a few things off the list- you know the ones I put on there knowing they would happen.  The ones you wrote on there just so you could check them off.  Then when I look at the rest of the list my heart sinks a little because I realize that I've almost totally lost sight of that list of goals, ideas, inspirations.  Well this year I've decided to try to keep that list in front of me, no getting buried under papers and empty coffee cups.  So where is this list… well in lots of places!  It's the background on my phone (which I'm sure I spend more time looking at then anything else. It's printed out hanging on my wall in my office and it's on my fridge.  I won't loose sight of it this year.  I also have decided to not be sad or feel defeated if my goals change and things on the list are crossed off, not because they are compete or done but because they are no longer goals.  Goals change.  And thats OK.

So here's to a new year full of crazy ideas that change on a whim, goals that may or may not be completed but that are inspirational none the less and to thinking about the next step and not the end.

XOXO Spring