Wedding Info Guide

I've been working on and re-vamping my wedding info guide for a few weeks and finally have it up on my website and ready for all of my couples to use!  I created this info guide to be able to provide an easy resource for all my couples to refer to when thinking about their wedding photography.   I included some tips to getting the best wedding photos (inspired by Melissa Jill), some FAQ's, as well as some info about all the goodies that are in my wedding packages.  I have also included a short list of  some of my favorite vendors to work with.  I wanted my potential clients to have access to more info that I can squeeze on my website without being overwhelming.  I wanted it to be easy to read and full of useful information, hopefully I've succeeded!  If you need some hints on getting the best wedding photos, want to see what I do to "give back" or just want to look at a few more pretty photos check out my Wedding Info Guide!! Happy Sunday, GO PATRIOTS!

XOXO Spring


Wedding Info Package