Retirement Party Family Portraits

When you reach a milestone, be it an anniversary, retirement or a birthday, if you are going to have the whole family together why not take advantage of that opportunity and get some fun family photos right?  Well thats just what Kristen decided she wanted to do when her family was throwing a retirement party for her dad.  She knew getting all her siblings and all of their kids together was a special occasion so we took this opportunity of everyone being in town at the same time and decided to spend an hour one morning taking some fun family photos. We had a lot of kids so it was defiantly a task to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera- I think our best success with all the kids was them with their grandparents and someone behind me was shouting for the kids to look up at the dinosaur in the sky.  OK so maybe they are not all looking at me but hey we can see their faces, I consider that a win! I had a blast with this family, they were full of smiles, laughs and man did these kids have never ending energy!

XOXO Spring