Something New: Pass

I've been terrible these past few months about blogging- I have no excuse beyond being busy (which is a lame excuse I know) and having a bit of the winter blues (again lame).  So now that we finally have some sunshine, and even if it's only in the mid 30's next week is looking up (might hit upper 50's) so I'm celebrating by kick starting my blog again! The first big thing to announce is that I'm now jumping on board with PASS.  PASS is this great new technology that allows me to share your images with you in a custom gallery!  This gallery is amazing and allows you to share right to facebook, pinterest etc right from the gallery and if you've ordered the digital files you can download them right there in the gallery- no more waiting for DVD or thumb drives to arrive in the mail- when you see your images you have access to them right away!

This gallery system is a cloud-based viewing, sharing & storage application.  Through the program you can share, mark favorites and download the images.  You can view the gallery on an ipad, iphone, or on your computer- it's so easy to use and very soon will have the ability to order prints right from the gallery.  You can be sitting at the coffee shop- get your pass gallery link and be viewing your images and order prints right from your iphone- talk about cool!

Here is a little video to give you a hands on feel of how awesome this new program is!

PASS - A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo.

XOXO Spring