Mentoring Session Give Away!!!!


Happy Valentines Day!!!  To celebrate this wonderful day of love I'm giving away a free 90 min mentoring session!  Not that a mentoring session is romantic per-say but who cares!  The idea of this session is to have a sounding board, someone to push you to answer the hard questions, someone to hold you accountable for your goals and dreams, someone to be your cheerleader.  I've been lucky to have some of the best mentors in my life and it's about time I start giving back.

This session will be 90 mins and can be held in my studio in North Conway or via Skype for those of you who doesn't want an extra excuse for some tax free outlet shopping or skiing.  I'll send out a list of questions a week or so before our scheduled session to get those brain juices flowing.  Asking the hard questions.  Then we'll sit and chat for 90 mins about your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses and your dreams. The idea is to give you a chance to ask questions, push yourself to a new level and have someone there in your corner cheering you on and pushing you to take those next steps.

So the details:  to enter you just have to leave a comment below with one of your goals for 2013.  It's that easy... so what are you waiting for???  The winner will be announced next week!

XOXO Spring