Love of my life

We don't actually have that much in common.  He's more of the quiet, keeps to himself kind of guy.  I'm the loud one, the one who can talk anyones ear off for hours on end.  As much as we both love to curl up and watch a good movie we hardly agree on what defines a "good movie".  He works in the woods and I'd go crazy if I wasn't around people.  He's strong and I'm, well, not.  He has a pretty good handle on his emotions while I often let mine run ramped.  Yet somehow it works. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh and he makes me feel loved and safe.  I keep him on his toes and won't even let him claim to be bored.  When it comes down to it we want the same things.  We appreciate the others strengths and support their weaknesses.  We stand side by side, holding hands ready to take on anything as long as we are together.   We may not have a lot in common but we complement one another perfectly.  I didn't know that you could love someone this much until he kissed me.  I didn't know I was missing something until he was there.  I didn't know I could be this happy until he made me smile.

He is my husband and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to call him mine.

XOXO Spring