Shauna & Jeff's Whitney's Inn Wedding

Shauna is one of those girls that the moment you see her, you smile.  She's charismatic, sweet, beautiful and just plain happy.  Jeff on the other hand seems to be the calm, cool, collected type.  When I first met Jeff and Shauna and we talked about their wedding I was excited, I mean who wouldn't be for a Whitney's Inn wedding full of my favorite vendors, an early September date and two fun and photogenic people?!  When their wedding day was finally here the sun was shining, the sky was blue and love was in the air!  Shauna and Jeff wanted to do lots of photos so we planned their timeline to give us ample time to not only shoot before the wedding at a few locations but also to have a little time after the wedding during that golden, end of the day, light. Thank you Shauna and Jeff for being wonderful friends and fantastic clients and I hope you have enjoyed your honeymoon in Tortola and I can't wait to see photos!!!

XOXO Spring


Venue: Whiteny's Inn Jackson, NH Flowers: Dutch Blomenwinkel Photography: Spring Smith Studios Hair & Make Up: Debony Salon