Rebecca & Marc's Whitney's Inn | Jackson, NH | Sept 8, 2012

We sat on the patio of a local coffee shop laughing and talking about love, life and my recent honeymoon.  We talked as old friends even though we've only known each other for a few months.  I had looked forward to our coffee date for weeks knowing that although we had some timeline and business talk to go over that what I was really excited about was spending some time with my new friend. Rebecca and Marc are some of the best kind of people out there.  They are people who love life, love others and love love.  Their love is so strong that it permeates everything and everyone around them.  From the first time we met and chatted I knew these guys were special.  When Rebecca sent me a note a few weeks before her wedding confirming our coffee date she made it very clear that this wasn't a business meeting, this wasn't about work this was about catching up, talking about life and how we have each been over the last few months.  It's people like Marc and Rebecca that make my job so much more then a job- they make it a passion, they make it a life that I love.

Rain was on the radar for their afternoon ceremony but with plans for a first look we got some great images in before the rain crashed the party.  Rebecca is like me... she's a cryer.  She cried tears of love when she read a note Marc had written, she cried tears of love as she walked towards him for the first time on their wedding day and she cried tears of love when her father walked her down the isle.

Rebecca & Marc your love is as beautiful as the two of you are in front of my lens.  Thank you for allowing me to, not only be your friend, but also to witness the start of your lives together.  I am honored to call you my friends and I can't wait to hit the slopes with you guys this winter!

XOXO Spring

Venue: Whiteny's Inn Jackson, NH Photography: Spring Smith Studios Florist: Lisa Woodbury, Booming Vineyards Cake: Sugarmaker Dress: Bride n' Bell, Medford, MA DJ: Anthony Arone Hair/Makeup: Debony Salon Jackson, NH