A honeymoon in Scotland Part III

I think I've been dragging my feet on this part III post partly because I don't want it to be over- this is kind of my last moment of sharing and  reliving those perfect 10 days.  I've also been busy catching up, cleaning up, shooting and editing weddings so that's a part of the delay as well.  But none the less here I am just over a month after our wedding and here is the last set of images from our trip to Scotland- enjoy!!! XOXO Spring

The first place we visited during our one full day on Skye was Dunvegan Castle .  It isn't the oldest castle we saw by any means but it was beautiful, and had the most amazing gardens of any that we saw.

It also has quite the setting...This huge tree is a Monkey Puzzle Tree (which Is a kind of Pine tree from Chile).  Let me tell you those little leave things are sharp!!!  It's almost like a giant succulent tree and I kept thinking the branches looked like snakes... very cool. The next set of images are all from our drive around the tip of the northern part of Skye- We drove all around and I just couldn't take enough photos.  Plus I finally got Silas to give me some time to get  a few photos of the sheep!!! :) I think they look like they have Dalmatian legs.Oh and a photo of a cow too :)These waterfalls are EVERYWHERE- so beautiful!!!! Some very cool rock formations The Old Man of Storr.  You can hike up to the Old Man but we decided not to get wet (it was raining) and we had more to see and just not enough time to see it all. This is Kilt Rock- normally there is much more water poring over the cliffs to the ocean but for some reason, even with all the rain there wasn't much water in the falls.  None the less it's a pretty beautiful sight. Incase you missed it- there are cliffs here... don't fall.A little town near the northern tip of Skye. They really do have these red telephone booths in the middle of nowhere. Another little town called Uig. Once we drove around the top 1/3 of Skye we walked around Portree a little which is the  largest town on Skye and has lots of little shops and this cute little harbor.More crazy beautiful vistas... they are just everywhere!!! Our last night on Skye we stayed at a very nice place called The Toravaig House and had a somewhat fancy dinner full of DELICIOUS food- it was such a nice night!!!  This was one of our last stops on Skye.  I had told Silas I wanted to stop at this artists gallery to see her work since seeing it in the little art book we found about Skye.  Her painting were just amazing and I had high hopes of bringing home a print of hers.  Not  bad spot for a gallery huh?  Well we did bring home a print which is off being framed now but check out her work here:  Pam Carter  She paints some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen!!!! Our last stop before the ferry back to the mainland was the Clan Donald Castle.  It is just a shell.  As recently as the 50's it was in good shape but after years of neglect, sometime in the 80's the roof fell in.  They are working on collecting money to restore it.  It has one beautiful setting. This is the view from the ferry headed back to the mainland- this coast reminded me a bit of Maine's rocky coast. View from the ferry across to the mainland.

After our ferry ride across we took a little scenic drive on another one lane road down and around a peninsula south of Fort Williams.  We had been told it was a beautiful drive with lots of untouched beauty and that it was! 

Yup I could live here.Driving through Glenn Coe notch reminded me a bit of the White Mt's of home.  Loch Lemond showed us where the end of the rainbow is.  Apparently Loch Lemond has a pot of gold down in those waters somewhere. When we were headed into Glasgow for our last night I realized that I had never actually booked our hotel room (though I swear I had).  So by the time we checked in all they had left were twin rooms... so by the end of our honeymoon, 10 days after being married we were already sleeping in separate beds.   This was truly a trip of a lifetime!!!!