Jaimie’s Travel Inspired Photo Shoot

I've known Jaimie for longer then I'd like to admit.  We both spent many a summer under the pines trees at Waukeela Camp and one year I was even her CIT (what a crazy summer that was).  Jaimie had a plan to take a road trip and keep a blog while she was traveling and wanted to do some fun photos for the blog design... a little Grace Potter inspired kind of look.  Well the road trip has been postponed we decided why not do the shoot anyway?!  We had three... no maybe four re-schedules due to work things and of course weather.  The day finally arrive and the weather was PERFECT. The bugs were not so perfect but alas we had a great time anyway and Jaimie rocked it.  This girl knows how to work a camera and her beauty and confidence were off the chart. I can't wait to do more of these type of fun shoots :)

XOXO Spring