Wedded Bliss: wedding hair styles

My hair does not grow.  Well thats a little exaggeration but really, in all honesty, my hair grows so slowly that you would think it doesn't grow at all.  I have been 'growing' my hair out for at least 3 years and it's only about 4 inches longer.  I haven't cut more then an inch and a half off at a time in more then 3 years and I only get my hair cut 4 -5 times a year.  Needless to say when Silas proposed one of the first things I was thinking about (after date, venue and photographer) was needing to grow my hair out as long as possible to have options when it came to styling. Over the past year I've spent hours with my maid of honor looking at wedding hair styles.  We've scoured google images, pinterest and many other wedding and red carpet blogs looking for that perfect style.  I have yet to find something that I'm sure is "IT" but at least I finally have some ideas of the direction I want to go.  My actual hair style is one of those details that I hadn't thought a whole lot about early on.  I just wanted to have something nice that I liked and would work with the style of my dress.  Now that I'm one day before my hair trial I'm starting to realize maybe I should have thought this through a little more.  The thing about wedding hair and makeup is they are two things that although may not seem like the most important part of the day but are two things that can defiantly ruin a day if done wrong.  Think about it- your hair and make up show up in EVERY photo, on the video and defiantly have an affect on your self-esteem for the day.  If you hate your hair it could put you in a funk all day long and who wants to be in a funk over something as silly as hair on their wedding day?  Not me.  But that doesn't change the fact that realistically if I hated my hair there is a very good chance I'd be in a total funk- at least for the first part of the day.  The last thing I want to think about is not looking my best.  Which is why my goal has been to hire people that I trust to make me look my best so that that is one fear I wont have to worry about.

Tomorrow is the day when I'm checking a lot of things off my wedding to-d0 list.  My maid of honor and I are headed to the coast for a meeting at French's Point with the awesome staff there to go over details then on to a hair trial appointment and lastly off to meet with Capt Barns, who Silas and I have chosen to preform our ceremony and play bagpipes at our wedding (we figured if we are going to scotland on our honeymoon it's a fun way to bring that into our wedding day- plus who doesn't love bagpipes).  So the search for the perfect hair style begins again and here are a few ideas I've come across that really excite me:

I want to go for something that feels elegant but simple.  I am not a fussy girl, I almost never blow dry my hair or do much more then throw it into a ponytail so going for an over the top curled up-do just isn't me.  I've been trying also to choose something that shows the length of my hair that I've worked so hard to grow but I don't want a style that will be too hot for late July, and of course something that the wind wont destroy if there is a serious breeze as there is known to be on the Maine coast.  I think all these styles are soft, simple and classic.  I do have a vail so we'll see how that factors in and I'm still on the lookout for a fun vintage hair comb that I think would be fun to include.

If you are married please share some ideas and advice on how you picked your hair style?  If you are not married but have any thoughts or ideas for me please share them below!!!  The more input I have the better.  

XOXO Spring