Newbies Workshop Recap

I call them "My Newbies" like they are my children or something.  In reality these guys are a group of awesome, fantastic, sweet and super special photographers. We started the day hanging out in my studio talking.  We talked a lot...  We went over all kinds of basic business info.  I tried to teach from my personal experiences and give these guys valuable info to take home and apply to their business.  My Awesome sponsors gave me lots of goodies to give away including some discount codes, special offers and even a coffee mug (we all need our coffee to get through the day).  We talked about pricing, we talked about contracts and we talked about workflow.  We took a mini break for some flatbread pizza and lemonade and then kept on chugging.  We made it through the whole talking portion by 4pm and then we headed north.

The Inn at Jackson was awesome and allowed me to set up some fun details on their side porch (I had planned to be outside but with threats of rain the porch was the perfect spot).  We had some tasty treats to photograph and then eat from The White Mountain Cupckery and some beautiful flowers from Dutch Bloemen Winkel rounded out the table-scapes.  My good friend Aly and her boyfriend Ken were sweet enough to come hang out for a few hours and be our models for our couples shoot.  They are so stinking cute that I think they may have made it a little too easy on these guys- giving them a million good poses and smiles to work with.

Here are some of my favorite shots that I grabbed throughout the workshop:

I had a great time with all my Newbies and am looking forward to following up with each of them soon to check in on their goals list and make sure they are taking their new ideas and putting them to use.  These guys really helped me bring one of my biggest goals and dreams to life last weekend and I want to thank them for that.  Here are a few of the attendee's shots that they were so nice as to let me share:

The workshop was a huge success and because of that I'm working on planning the next one!!!  I'm hoping to squeeze one in this summer but it will depend on my wedding schedule (both one's I'm shooting for clients and my own).  Fingers crossed that I'll be able to announce the next workshop dates soon!!

Thanks again to my awesome sponsors: Adorama, ShootQ, ShootSac, and Couture Book. And to my fabulous Newbies!!!! XOXO Spring