Colton McCarthy is growing up.

The same day I was down in South Boston photographing Mr. Hugo I also took a little drive west of the city to visit another past wedding couple- Vanessa & Marty and see their beautiful baby boy Colton.  The last time I saw Colton he was a tiny newborn and now look at him!!! Vanessa might be my biggest fan/cheerleader/the person who keeps my business going in the slow months.  She is also one of the sweetest girls in the world.  We actually met before Marty had even popped the question and I've known since we bonded over being the two tallest ladies in the room that she and I were two of a kind.

Marty and Vanessa have a beautiful old apartment that just so happens to covered in images I've taken.  I can't turn a corner without seeing their engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity photos or the wall of Colton's newborn images.  There is truly no greater gift then knowing that what I do is making them happy.  Knowing that my clients love their images and cover their homes with them makes my heart so big and full of love.  I am so lucky to do what I love and to know that my work makes others happy is just beyond.  Anyway- sorry for the little sappy digression... Now on to one of the cutest baby boys in the whole world.

XOXO Spring