Welcome 2012

2012 is going to be epic.  I'm getting married this year!!!!!!  Let me say that again a little more how I'm feeling it:


Can you tell I'm excited?  There are also many other exciting things to come in 2012.  I am so excited for all this year has in store.  There will be weddings with some of my all time favorite clients, there will be baby photos with some of my past brides, there will be new and exciting things in store for this blog, there will be loads of tears and laughs and hopes and dreams.  There may also be a few hiccups and stumbles but they will all be a part of the  most fantastic year yet!

I thought what better way to start the year then by listing a few things I've got in my sites for 2012:

  • Getting published- both on the web and in print.
  • Kicking this blog into high gear- bringing new ideas, more beautiful images and hopefully starting lots of conversations with you guys about anything and everything.
  • Getting a few more sample albums finished up so that I can share even more of my awesome couples and their wedding images with potential clients
  • Making some small changes in workflow to nail down these systems to make my life easier and give my clients the ultimate in experience.
  • Paint my upstairs hallway and guest room.  Believe it or not we have been in this house a year and a half and those walls are still just primer... ugggh this needs to be done soon!!!!
  • Implement an email system- so that I have folders for vendors, clients, personal stuff and i don't have 7223 messages in my inbox that i have to search through daily.
  • Write more thank you notes.  I should start now with Christmas gifts because I know once the wedding comes there will be lots to write and getting in the habit now can't hurt.
  • Stop spending hours, and hours on facebook.  I need to be better about setting working hours and sticking to them - I was so good at this from Aug-October then I feel into the "it's so comfy here on my couch with my lap top i'll just work from home today" and I end up spending far too much of my day on facebook, pinterest and hulu.
  • Plan dinners by the week. I am terrible at this- which I might be able to slide a little of the blame off my own plate and onto my parents... they shop multiple times a week just getting one or two meals, but the difference is this works for them... it's not working for me.
  • Get my book keeping in line (this is a huge headache for me so i'm trying to streamline and outsource what I can to make it one less headache).
  • Outsourcing.... I've had a hard time with this in the past and not all because of control.  This year I'm going to have a system in place before the season kicks into high gear so it is one less thing to be trying to fix once I'm already up to my eye balls in everything else.
  • Read more books!!!  Business books, fiction books, stupid girly romantic books and maybe a history book or two thrown in for good measure.  I was never a big reader until about 5 years ago and as much as I now love to read I have a hard time not feeling guilty when I sit down to read because of the 400 other things on my to do list... this year i'm going to read and not feel guilty.
  • Oh and finally- finish planning our wedding!!!

I think 2012 is going to be a good year- and to leave you all with a funny.  I saw this comic a few weeks ago and thought it was great and who can't use a smile and a little humor in their day?

XOXO Spring