Wedded Bliss | Vendor's I love: Whitney's Inn Jackson, NH

One of the very first weddings I shot for my own business was at Whitney's Inn.  I remember being scared to death about all the things that could go wrong and then realizing that the moment I got there things just fell into place.  Thats the kind of place Whitney's is.  Everything just works.  Now on the outside you think 'this is great, everything is so smooth, this place is just awesome'.  All that is true but what most don't see is how hard the staff works to make everything so flawless to all of us. Don & Michelle work so hard to make sure every single aspect of their couples day is perfect.  Don isn't just the owner he is the heart and soul of Whitney's Inn.  Every time I see an inquiry from a bride and it says Whitney's Inn next to venue, I do a little happy dance.  Granted a little of that is because it's close by and means I'll be home before midnight, but just as much of my excitement is because I know their wedding is going to be awesome.  I also know that their style and my style and hopefully, there for, our personalities will click.  The rustic elegance that Whitney's inn offers is unique.  There is a large barn with old dark wood and a wood stove to have your cake displayed on, there is even a moose head on the wall.  Now trust me if that's not your style then this place might not be a good fit but, if your style is also romantic, candle lit, beautiful roses, a ceremony under a birch tree arch and a slightly vintage feel then it might be the perfect combination for you.

There are venues that take care of the vendors on a wedding day and then there are venues that go that extra step.  Whitney's defined that extra step.  I always get a warm greeting by name, asked if there is anything I need, I'm always fed early into the dinner (oh and the food.... SPECTACULAR), and they are always so happy to have me drop in to chat.  In fact a few weeks ago Don contacted me about being on hand for his couples tasting weekend.  He wanted to have a photographer there incase anyone had questions.  I was so honored to be asked but had a prior engagement and was going to be out of town the whole weekend.  Instead of finding someone else to fill in, he allowed me to bring my sample album, some info sheets and a canvas print to display so that if anyone did have questions they at least had some information and knew where to go to ask those questions.

There are a million reasons why Whitney's Inn is one of my favorite places to work, it's beautiful, it's charming, the food is some of the best wedding food i've ever had,  it's right in Jackson (convenient to the falls and covered bridge for photos and close to home). But above all I love it there because I know the day will go off without a hitch and I know that when I see Don and Michelle they will smile.  I'm telling you that smile can make all the difference in someones potentially high stress day.

Thank you to all my Whitney's couples for allowing me to enjouy your day at a great venue and thank you Don for having a quality of service that seems to be overlooked a lot these days.

XOXO Spring