Wedded Bliss | Planning a Honeymoon

Palm trees, white sand beaches, sunshine and drinks with brightly colored umbrellas.  As nice as that all sounds that is not the honeymoon that Silas and I wanted to have.  I love the beach, don't get me wrong, but neither Silas or I are the kind of people who want to sit in the sun for seven straight days.  I'm fair skinned so really who are we kidding I'd be sitting in the sun for two days then be inside covered in aloe trying not to cry.  When we sat down to talk about where we wanted to go the beach wasn't near the top of our list.  We both really enjoy history  and wanted to go somewhere full of adventure, history and somewhere that we might never go if we didn't take the opportunity to go now.  That place.... Scotland. Silas has some Scottish heritage- did the last name McKenney give it away?  I also have some Scottish heritage along with Irish and English so going to the UK was always a place that intrigued us.  It took some research and lots of hemming and hawing to finally make the plans but as of 8pm tonight we are officially spending 10 days in Scotland after our wedding!  I am so excited!!!!!!

I found this amazing little place to stay right in the heart of the city.  It's a little apartment we can rent by the night in a house that was built in 1638.  I've been emailing the owners for over two weeks now.  They are so great and have been super helpful with our planning process.  Giving advice on everything from where to eat, which tours are worth going on and a few little out of the way places we should be sure to visit.  We are hoping to go to some of the pretty touristy places- how can I pass up Rosalyn Chapel and Sterling Castle?  But we are also excited about taking the steam train over to the west coast (and not only because the train is the one they used as the Hogwarts Express... hahaha i'm such a Harry Potter nerd).  There are so many wonderful ruins and beautiful coastal towns to see that I'm sure we are going to pack in tons and still not come close to seeing all the wonderful things there are to see.   But I'm just happy to be able to spend 10 days with my new husband (wow first time writing that word in reference to Silas- and I can't help but smile) in this beautiful country.

Now that most of the honeymoon is planned back to the wedding details...

XOXO Spring