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Planning a wedding is insane,  I've been in and around the wedding business for the past 6  years and I'm still completely overwhelmed when it comes to planning my own wedding.  I have no lack of ideas but getting those ideas from Pinterest to reality is much more difficult then I had ever dreamed!!!  And so begins my Wedded Bliss series.  I'm planning to use this series to help me bring my crazy ideas to life.  In hopes of having you hold me accountable for actually creating, dreaming and staying on the wedding planning timeline and thus can keep me in the whole Bliss stage rather then me ending up on the Wedded Stress side of things. I figured the best way to start is to share with you some of my Pinterest inspiration board.  I've got a million ideas and let me tell you if you are not already on Pinterest- go sign up right now.... no seriously righ tnow.... i'll wait.




Ok now that you are a fully functioning member of this fantastic inspiration community- you should follow me and that means maybe you can actually HELP me with all this planning insanity!!!!  I could spend days of my life looking at wedding blogs, magazines etc and come up with millions of ideas that end up going in on ear and out the other.  When time comes to actually think about place settings I know I found this great idea a few months ago about doing something cool with the napkin and menu cards but now for the life of me I can't remember.... well this is where Pinterest comes in.  If i see something online I pin it.  If I see something in a magazine I take a photo with my iphone and pin it.  If i see something at a wedding I'm shooting I upload my image and pin it.  See where this is going?  It's the perfect way to keep track of all these awesome ideas.  So far it's been 99% ideas and 1% action but my plan is to work on that...  I'm hoping to add a few DIY items to my wedding and hopefully I can use this Wedded Bliss series to help me stay on track.

I'm defiantly going to need lots of help form all of you- I'm sure I'll be posting lots of idea and will need some help narrowing down to the best ideas and please, people, tell me when these ideas are INSNAE so I don't go beating my head against a wall... Like when I thought about renting a cow to have it graze around the grounds of the estate we are getting married at.... yeah seriously considered that.  I really like cows... but we are getting married at an ocean front estate not a farm.  So these are some of the things I'm going to need a little help with.  I have a million ideas and some of them could be great and some not so much.  So what do you think of what I have so far??

  • I want all my bridesmaids to be in different dresses- not just different styles in one fabric.  My girls are all really different in personality and I really want them to all find a dress that they not only love but one that fits their style.... of course some of them still insist that I pick it out but I'm really hoping they all find something that they all really love!
  • Photography- I've already got this one wrapped up.... the fantastic J&M will be with us on our wedding day and there is nothing that makes me more excited then their classic style!
  • The dress is also taken care of- one more thing to officially check off the list now that I picked it up this week!!!!  I'm so glad I got my Pricilla of Boston gown before they went out of business, I'm definably a Melissa Sweet bride :)
  • Our plan as of right now.... wait who am I kidding... my plan (Silas is interested in some items but flowers and colors are not his first choice of wedding topic) as of right now is to have a balance of classic and soft decor- with maybe a little rustic/chic thrown in.  I love the table scape above with all the green and ivory colored flowers.  I'm working with my florist Carrie to do some really great table scapes full of some fun glass and silver,candle stick and table ware yard sale finds.
  • Hair and make up are something I'm struggling with.  I have a girl that I'm super excited to work with that I know will do a killer job but as for style-  I think I change my mind every week.
  • As for menus and paper goods- I'm counting on the wonderful Lucinda to pull through and wow me... I could come up with a million ideas but none of them could hold a candle to the amazing creativity of this lady!!!!

XOXO Spring