Instagram... for photographers who don't have a point and shoot.

I received a Nikon P3 when I graduated college almost 6 years ago... yikes... can't believe that was almost 6 years ago!!!!  Time flies... well no need to mention how slightly out of date that camera is now.  It's still a great point and shoot for someone who wants good images but isn't a control freak like me.  I find that my iphone has really become my point and shoot.  The problem being the lack of control (even with the camera + app). I find taking photos of everyday, typically mundane things becomes interesting and fun when you use instagram.  You get to put fun filters on them (which typically I'm against, I am a clean, simple processing girl when it comes to my own photography but when it's a cute photo of my dog in the tub covered in dirt it's fun to slap a little vintage style filter on it.  As much as I'd love a few of the new flashy point and shoot cameras (some are even fancy these days and have interchangeable lens) I'm finding that with instagram I'm having fun taking photos with my phone and even if I can't control all the aspects that I want I'm still capturing the memories and that's really all that matters.

*This year's Christmas tree, The Christmas Camel at Mt. Vernon, Our front door (I know I'm not actually a McKenney yet), Coby-man, Fuzzy slippers you warm up in the microwave (great gift idea), Coby nose, Starbucks peppermint mocha, Silas and I with our new cozy blanket from J&M, Coby's morning walk, The wreath on our side door, We are going to have a white Christmas!!!!, "What you don't like my new mud boots?", Decorating my parents house for their annual bowling league Christmas Party (they don't actually bowl.... it's a long story), Lyla James AKA the cutest baby girl ever!!!, Some last min Christmas shopping and The Elephant Walk- some of the best food I've ever had, period.*

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone, don't forget to take some photos while you celebrate this wonderful holiday season with family and friends, even if they use an on camera flash and don't have killer Bokeh because documenting these memories is still the #1 goal!!!

XOXO Spring