In case you didn't know...

1.  I am the worst speller in the world and use google as a spell check at least three times a day. 2. I have really big feet and often get really discouraged while shoe shopping- all the pretty shoes are always tiny, or they are super cute but not when you put them on really big feet.

3. I love houses and think if I ever decide to make photography back into just a personal hobby I might become a realtor.  I probably spend five or six hours a week on

4. I have a huge appreciation for other forms of art (especially drawing and painting) and sometimes feel silly calling myself an artist because all I can draw are stick people.

5. I drink milk out of the carton even though I know it's gross.

6. Facebook is a full on addiction, I've been on it since it was first expanded from Harvard to include UMASS, BC, BU and Northeastern.

7. Silas and I re-met on myspace.

8. I actually flew to GA to spend New Years with him having not seen him in person in over 4 years and really not knowing him that well- good thing he hadn't become a serial killer.

9. Coby is the first dog I've ever had.  We always had cats growing up and as much as I love cats, this puppy has defiantly won my heart.  Plus I LOVE that he doesn't shed.

10. I actually love the smell of fixer.  Makes me miss the darkroom days.


Have a questions for me?  Ask away- ask ANYTHING!!!! I'm an open book and someone who asks me a question here in the comment section will win an itunes card.

XOXO Spring