Rebecca & Travis | Migis Lodge | S. Casco, ME {wedding part 1}

Rebecca and Travis have two of the biggest hearts of any people I know.  The way they look at one other is enough to bring on some serious global warming and melt the ice caps!  Their wedding was the perfect way to end my 2011 wedding season!!!  With friends and family and a killer band these two had a wedding that is defiantly one for the books!  Both of them planned a special surprise for each other on their wedding day.  And trust me these were not simple gift surprises- these were, thoughtfully planned out, a little over the top kind of surprises.  This was my first time at the stunning lake side Migis Lodge, and hopefully not my last! In fact this wedding is so great, it's going to be two full posts to squeeze in all the wonderfulness.  So to get you started, here is Part One:

More portraits and the fabulous details and a killer band are all to come in Part Two :)

XOXO Spring