Ally & Adam | Jackson, NH {wedding}

Ally and Adam are ideal clients.  They are the kind of clients that every photographer wants to find.  They are funny, sweet, totally head over heals in love and when we first met we just clicked.  The first thing they told me was they were getting married at Whitney's Inn.... yes please!!! Whitney's is one of my all time favorite places to shoot.  The warm, rustic, chic feel and the amaizing staff make this place a magnet for great couples.  When I met with Ally & Adam over breakfast I think it was pretty clear we were both excited.  They booked me on the spot and when saying good bye Adam said to me "we know we made the right choice becuase you are the kind of person that if we were not hiring you to shoot our wedding we'd want to invite you"  WOW!!!!  Can you ask for a more ideal client?  I think not. Ally & Adam just missed hurricane Irene and thankfully we had a beautiful day before the storm hit.  We even made it to Jackson Falls for some great portraits the day before the river went up 15+ feet and flooded half the town.

Without further ado- enjoy Ally & Adam's picture perfect wedding day.

Thank you Ally & Adam for being such great friends!!!

XOXO Spring