The First Day of Summer & The Indigo Girls

My summers were always about summer camp.  I spent 11 years of my youth under the pine trees and in Crystal Lake in Eaton NH at Waukeela Camp for girls.  Those days were filled with swimming, white water canoeing, horse back riding along with tons of other fun outdoor activities.  We also spend a vast majority of days singing.  During meals, during hikes and often while just walking from one activity to another.  Many of those songs were typical camp songs but a few were a tad more main stream. The Indigo Girls were a huge part of my life growing up.  So many of their songs are associated with specific memories and times in my life.  Tonight I am the luckiest girl to spend an evening listening to them preform live at Stone Mt. Art's Center in my home town.  I am beside myself with excitement thinking about it and will be listening to Indigo Girls all day in prep for tonight.

Happy first day of Summer everyone!!  Find a way to enjoy this day and make it a memory that will last- I know mine will :)

XOXO Spring