Gettysburg PA & Fine Art Friday on a Tuesday

**I've been slacking on my Fine Art for a few weeks now so I kicked myself into gear during my family vacation, so on a random Tuesday afternoon please enjoy some fine art from my recent trip** My family has always been the family that takes trips and stops at any and all national historic sites or parks along the way.  Even now that I'm grown things haven't changed.  On my way to VA to visit my family my mom dad and I stopped and spend a good 3 hours or so in Gettysburg PA getting a tour from the oldest guide they have on staff.  His name was James and he grew up in Gettysburg as a kid and has been a guide there since the 50's.  He is now in his mid 90's and still gives tours to families looking to learn more about the three day battle of the civil war that took place in his home town.

We got out of the bus a few times and got to walk around but spent a lot of time on the big bus looking out the windows listening to James paint the picture of those three days so many years ago.


I love how alive this statue is- It feels so real.


This defiantly isn't the most beautiful picture of the bunch but the words are so powerful.


Believe it or not this was taken through the front window of the bus while we were driving.


View from the top of little round top.



Another one taken out the bus window- with the reflection it reminds me of the good old days of double exposure film.


It's amazing how many of the buildings are still standing after all these years and all the cannons that were shot across town during the battles.

undefinedundefined A friendly guy walking by saw me taking a photo of my parents with Abe and offered to take one of all of us.  When I handed him my camera and tried to explain how to use my camera he looked like I was speaking greek!  With a comment about how heavy the camera was he clicked and did quite well I think- sometimes auto mode is just right :)

XOXO Spring