Fine Art Friday... on Saturday Morning

Wow- how is it that it is Saturday again already?  I swear I started this post yesterday but got side tracked by 400 other things and now here we are Saturday morning at 12:55am.  I've been a terrible blogger this week and I'm sorry.  I could give you a long list of excuses but I'll spare you and just apologize. This Fine Art Friday series started as a way to push myself to continue taking photos for myself on a regular basis.  I didn't quite realize just how hard this was going to be.  I used to shoot rolls and rolls of film every week and now I'm hard pressed to find the time and energy.  Well I've decided that Fine Art Friday doesn't always have to be "Fine Art" it can be just something a little different from my normal weddings, portraits etc.  So this week I'm sharing a few photos that I took this week over at The Oxford House Inn (The best restaurant in Mt. Washington Valley).  They are currently working on a new website and asked me to come take some photos of the dining rooms to include on the new site.  I was honored to be asked and was excited to shoot something a little different.


Koti one of their two pups was around keeping me company while shooting.  She made a great model don't you think?


A little while later some guests arrived.


The cozy lounge area down in the pub.


The bar and the rest of the pub dining area.


And last but never least- my friends- the fabulous innkeepers/chef Jonathan and Natalie Spak. undefined

If you are hungry and in the mood for some REALLY good food- The Oxford House is the place to go.  There is also a good chance you'll see me there :)

XOXO Spring