Fine Art Friday | Harvest Gold Jewelry

There are so many ways to enjoy art.  A lot of people hang it on their walls, personally one of my favorite ways to enjoy art is to wear it.

I've known Bill & Lynda for years.  I grew up with their two kids and have always had some of their beautiful jewelry on my wish list.  A few years ago they created a custom ring for me made from my grandmothers wedding band it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.    This week for 'Fine Art Friday' I decided to introduce you to Bill & Lynda Rudd of Harvest Gold.

Spring: Why jewelry? Lynda: I have always been busy making stuff.  It’s my nature.  I did all sorts of crafts growing up.  I started making jewelry in middle school at the Decordova Museum of Art.  My high school had a jewelry department, which I loved because I was really good at making jewelry.  I had practiced for 3 years already!  In high school every one wants to be good at something.  When it came time for college I figured I should keep with the jewelry because I knew I needed to work for a living and I knew I loved making jewelry.  Maybe I could get paid to make jewelry.

Spring: What kind of jewelry do you wear? Lynda: The seasons are an indicator of what I wear for jewelry.   During the summer months I have my everyday wear of handmade chain necklace with a pink tourmaline pendant, pearls, gold wave bangle, my interlace bangle that Bill made for me when we first moved here, and my spring clasp diamond bracelet, for rings my wedding band that was made from my great grandmother’s gold teeth, my 3 diamond ring and my pink tourmaline ring, earrings I have my bicolor tourmaline matchstix.  I think most people have the jewelry they always wear and then their special pieces for special days.  In January I wear my Grandmother’s wedding and engagement ring because that was when her birthday was.  She was always very supportive of Harvest Gold Jewelry.  I love my diamond studs because Bill gave them to me.   I have another favorite from a family member; Carley made me a fimo clay beaded necklace while at Debbie Urgess’s daycare in Kindergarten.  It goes with everything.  I almost never wear fashion jewelry as it hurts my ears and costs more in the long run because it breaks easily.  Well made jewelry can last a lifetime and then be passed on.  You can always recycle gold jewelry and worst case you can always get a little cash.  I like to think of jewelry as a treasure.

Spring: When did you start Harvest Gold and why? Lynda: Harvest Gold Jewelry was started when we were pregnant with Morgan in 1985.  We wanted a name with gold in it and we liked the idea of harvesting gold and of course we had the album by Neil Young.  We thought if we worked at home we could be home for the kid.  Little did we know that you couldn’t do anything with a kid at home.  So we ended up staying home and sending the kids to Deb’s so we could work.

Spring: What is your favorite custom piece you've created? Lynda: My favorite is hard to say.  I love working with the people using their ideas and then I love to do something on my own.   There are many great stories.  I loved making Ryan and Kaitlin’s engagement ring of most recent.  I’m looking forward to making the wedding band.  Ryan is an engineer with great ideas and we are working with one of the newest cuts of diamonds, the asscher cut which is like an emerald cut but square.  We used 5 stones in the engagement ring and now we are working on the diamond encrusted wedding band.   I worked with a woman from Albany once who had her grandmother’s sapphire engagement ring and grandfather’s wedding ring and her mother’s wedding band.  We were able to incorporate pieces and parts form all to make a truly unique gorgeous ring for her.

Spring: What other kinds of fine art do you have in the gallery? Lynda: The gallery is 7 rooms of exquisitely American made fine and functional art.  We have fine art glass from several nationally know artists, limited edition bronzes from award winning artists, all original paintings using oil, acrylic, watercolor, silk paintings, and pastels.  Being in the business for so long we have learned to look for only the highest quality in craftsmanship.   Every piece is made with love.  Every piece is hand picked.  Because we have only the finest quality some might think we had only high-end items.  We have beautiful items staring in the $5 range all the way up to gold bracelets.  Wooden bowls and utensils, magnets, pottery, placemats, quilts, and mittens just to name a few.

Spring: Why is art important to you? Lynda: Art is important because it is an expression of love from the artist to the collector.  The person giving is usually expressing love to one receiving.  I never need to change the channel on a painting.  I can look at it for years and never get tired of it.  When we travel the thing we miss the most while away is the art.  Art and things of beauty have a healing quality about them.

Spring: Who and what inspire you? Lynda: I’m inspired everyday by the beautiful world outside, people acts of kindness, and the amazing things people do.

Spring: Do you have anything special going on for Valentines Day this month? Lynda: For Valentines Day we are running a special.  Free engraving on jewelry!  We also have a new heart ring available in sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

Thank you Bill & Lynda for sharing your amazing artistic talent with us. Hey brides- don't forget to check out their custom wedding bands!!!!

XOXO Spring