New Bed for 2011

2011 has started off on the right foot.  Silas and I took some of our savings and some of our Christmas money and purchassed a new bed.  It was long overdue.  We had been sleeping on a bed we got for free from a client of my father's who was selling their house- well needless to say it wasn't exactly a fantastic bed.  So after months of back aches and saving we finally took the plunge and got a new one. We actually lucked into a great deal buying the floor sample of the highest end bed the local furnature store sells for 50% off!  I am so happy with this new bed- you would not believe how comfortable it is.  Picture a supportive cloud, the most comfortable thing you can imagine laying down on... now times it by 10 and you might be close to this bed.

So for anyone looking for a new bed- I highly recommend a Kingsdown Sleep to Live.  They offer "My Side" which allows each person to pick the firmness or softness level of their side of the bed.  So far the only problem I see with this bed... it's almost impossible to get out of it in the morning.  Thank goodness I have a lap top and can work from bed form time to time ;)

XOXO Spring