Mountain Meisters Week 1

I was 3 years old my first time on skis.  I spent my winters growing up, skiing as much as possible.  But last year was my first year being a true Mountain Meister and I couldn't have had more fun.  For those of you who are not local to Mt. Washington Valley- Mountain Meister's is a local ski race (actually the oldest local ski race in the country).  This is the 39th season for the Meisters at Cranmore.  Every Wednesday the locals take over the mountain!  We all do one run down a race course and get points for our teams depending on how fast you go and spend the rest of the day just futzing around the mountain skiing with friends. I was never a racer.  True, I was always skiing way to fast and probably scared my parents growing up, but I didn't participate in any racing in high school- I always skied just for the fun of it.  Last year my friend and I joined a Meister team and now i'm hooked!  I'm not an expert skier or a very good racer but thats the beauty of the Meisters, its all about having fun.  Some people take it very seriously and wear their racing spandex but i'd say a majority of people are there for the fun and social side of it.

I had a great time today and now with day one behind me I'm looking forward to next week- hoping I have a little extra free time for some apre ski :)  As no blog post is fun without a photo or video here is a RSN video of week one from last year.

XOXO Spring