Fine Art Friday

On this beautiful friday morning I'm bringing you guys the first post of my new series:  Fine Art Friday.  I'm going to take fridays from now on and share with you some of my own fine art as well as highlight some other fine artists.  I find that I miss my fine art side and this is my new plan to nurture that love and passion for art that I have and hopefully share it and inspire others as well. This week I'm going to start off with a few images of my own.  I took these images for my mid-term project my senior year in college, back in 2006.  These images are from 4X5 negatives that I processed myself and then scanned.  My final presentation for these images was printing them life sized in a large portfolio.

The project was a study on people: how they truly look and how they present themselves to the world.  I asked my friends and family to help out and allow me to photograph them straight on with no make up, no clothes, no glasses, no hats etc.  Then I let them get ready for their day and photographed them again once they were 'presentable' to show the difference between the way we really look and the way we choose to show ourselves to the world.  This was a very interesting project for me, I've always been fascinated by people and portraits and I really enjoyed doing a striped down very basic portrait.

I photographed 10 people and used 6 in my final presentation.  These are my favorite three sets of images from this study.

This next set of images was chosen to be in the Boston PRC student show in 2006.  My dad loved being on a gallery wall in Boston ;)

I'm really excited about this new series for my blog and I hope you all enjoy Fine Art Fridays!

XOXO Spring