My very own Christmas tree.

I've always been at home with my parents of visiting family this time of year.  Even when I had my own house in Tennessee I still came back to Maine for Christmas so we never got a tree of our own.  Finally- this year we have our very own tree!  I really enjoyed spending some time picking out just the right decorations.  I went to Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx and of course the Christmas Loft and then for a few final, and a little more personal, touches I raided my mothers decorations! My dad keeps telling me what a good looking tree I have, and I have to agree.  I think the white poinsettias really add to the tree along with my red and green plaid glass balls and of course a few birds and santa's to round it out.

I am very excited to take a few days away from the computer.  I plan to be around my family and friends and spend some time enjoying what the holidays are all about.

Merry Christmas everyone- I wish you and yours the very best!!!!! XOXO Spring