I'm on Justin & Mary's Blog!!!!

Justin & Mary are awesome in pretty much every sence of the word.  Not only are they kick ass photogrpahers they are also two of the nicest, sweetest, most fun people ever.  I met them for the first time at Spread The Love Maine.   Recently I signed up for a mentoring session with J&M to get some help on my new branding and website re-design.  While in CT for my mentoring session we tacked on a photoshoot as well for some new head shots and photos for the my website. Well- today one of my photography world dreams came true- I am featured on Justin & Mary's blog!!!!!

I can't wait to get these onto my new website and get it launched!!! These are hands down the best photos even taken of me and I couldn't be more happy!!!!  Thank you J&M!!!!!!!!

XOXO Spring