Emily & Donny | Married | Part One

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and what better way to kick off the holiday weekend then Emily and Donny's Mount Washington Hotel wedding?!! Part One starts with this stunning image of the hotel that Debbie grabbed on our way into the resort.

Emily was the most relaxed, laid back, happy bride I've ever seen.

The earrings that her parents gave her were stunning!!!

Gorgeous flowers!

It was great to have Debbie along for the day- She took some great images including the next one of Emily's dress being laced up.

St. Patrick Church in Twin Mt. NH is a beautiful old stone church with beautiful natural light.

Donny looked so handsome-  What a smile.

The runner at the church had a special sparkle touch.

This image of Donny and his mom is one of my favorites from the day.

Check back soon for Part Two!!!