Breaking with tradition.

From my research the tradition started with arranged marriages.  The groom would be standing at the alter waiting for a girl he had never seen to walk towards him and become his wife.  Afraid he or she might run if they met before hand it became "bad luck" to see each other before the ceremony.  Over time it has become a common tradition and has nothing to do with a worry someone might run; but still people are split on the ideas of seeing one another before the ceremony. Emily and Anthony opted for a first look but it wasn't part of her original plan.  Emily's wedding was beautiful and unique.  She found a way to bring together some traditional elements and combine them with unique aspects of her own style.  When Emily and I first talked about her wedding and I mentioned the idea of a 'First Look' she wasn't exactly gung-ho about it.  Well, here I should let you read her own words:

"As a very unique bride, there were several traditions that I tossed out of the window early in the wedding planning. But one that I was not giving up was the fact that my groom would see me for the first time as I was walking down the aisle toward him. I thought that that moment would be the highlight of my day and that I would regret seeing him before hand. As the wedding grew closer, I began to have pangs of sadness when I thought about how little I would see everyone traveling to our wedding, and also I wanted to be at this cocktail hour I had planned for so long! And who doesn’t hate that awkward time when the cocktail hour winds down and there is still no sign of the happy couple? So I started to casually look at some “first look” photos online and read some things other brides had said and finally threw caution to the wind and decided to go for it.

Getting out of that car and walking the steps up to my nervous groom was one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done. The butterflies in my stomach could not be tamed. When he turned around and smiled at me I felt like someone had picked the world up off of my shoulders. All my nerves just completely dissipated and I soaked in that moment of happiness and contentment. It was both of our favorite parts of the day. It gave us a chance to see each other and spend a few quiet minutes alone before the craziness of the day took over. I am so happy that I have those tender moments to hold in my heart. We were then able to casually take all of our formal pictures in no hurry and get back in time for our ceremony. Walking down that aisle towards him was even more special to me because I actually enjoyed that moment with no nerves, I think I even laughed! After the ceremony we actually got to enjoy some time with our guests and eat! For us it made the most sense, logistically at first. No matter how you do it, it is a special moment. You, as a bride are seeing the person you are about to commit your life to for the first time on your wedding day. So why not get it out of the way and really be able to enjoy your day?"

Everyone has different thoughts on this break with tradition but I really appreciated Emily offering her thoughts for other brides to consider.  Maybe you are traditional, maybe you aren't.   But it is still nice to hear, from someone who has gone through the process, just how wonderful and meaningful the exsperience was for her.

So tell me- what are your thoughts on "First Look"?