A sage green house with a dark red door.

When we bought our house this past spring exterior paint color was not exactly the first thing on my mind.  We had to cut down trees, bring in loam, plant a lawn, remodel the kitchen as well as paint the whole interior of the house.  With most of that now done we finally picked a paint color for the house and the door this week and got to painting!  Originally I had thought about going with a dark brownish gray color but I really wanted to make the house look like an old cape so I started looking at some of the Historic Paint colors.  The guy at the local paint shop offered his help and picked this awesome sage color for me to try.  The color was perfect!!  Yesterday as the last part of the house was getting painted I picked a dark cranberry, wine color for the door.  It still needs another coat but I had to take a photo to share with everyone!

I'm so happy to feel like our house is finally becoming our home- just in time to host Thanksgiving. What are all of you planning for Thanksgiving with your families?