Tracy & Julia | Just a taste.

I promise that I am fully aware that I've posted 4 "just a taste" posts and have yet to follow up and do full posts on any of them.  I'm sorry- please don't be mad!!!!  They are on their way. I have spent the last week trying to get my house ready to move into and actually moving and let me tell you I would much rather be editing and posting pretty pictures.  Any volunteers want to come finish this move and unpacking for me????  Anyone???   You would think moving only 20 mins away would make it easy- not so much.  Hopefully things will be settled by the end of this week and I hope to have tons of follow up posts coming your way very, very soon.

So- without further ado- here is a sneak peek at Tracy & Julia's engagement photos!  I just love the light and warm colors in this one.