Karen & Dan | Engaged

Correction- Karen & Dan are already married.  But before their wedding we met up to do some engagements at their vacation home in Freedom, NH.  These two love birds were so much fun to hang out with.  They are fun loving and really make each other laugh and smile more then any couple I know! We started on their beautiful front porch.

I told you they were cute.

I love their house- I think the best way to describe it is charming.  I especially like the bear carving next to the front door.

They decided to have their pup join them for a few photos. Hmm... pup isn't quite the right word.  He's HUGE but maybe the sweetest dog ever!

One of the really great things about their little lake side community is that the beach is right down the street.  We took their golf cart down to the beach for a few more pictures.

I think Dan might love to laugh almost as much as he loves Karen.

I love this one- they both have such beautiful natural smiles.

Coming soon- Karen & Dan's mountain top wedding!!!