Connell Family | August 2010

I've been taking photos of the Connell family for what seems like forever.  Well I guess it has been quite a few years.  It started when I was baby siting Cory and his brother Chad and took lots of photos of them for my photography class.  Over the years I've shot Amy and Cory's wedding, some maternity photos, photos of their puppy, new born photos and quite a few of Cam growing up. We got together at their house to take a few photos of the three of them and their two dogs.  It's hard to get dogs to look at the camera at the same time as the people trying to keep them under control so my friend Shannon tagged along to help draw everyones attention to the camera.  We managed to get a few using some goldfish as tempting doggie treats.

Isn't she beautiful?!!!

We were also after some fun photos of Cam now that she is 18 months old.  We did some with her rocking chair in the yard as well as on the train tracks in Fryeburg.

This might be my favorite of the day- she is just to stinkin' cute.

Amy had a great idea to take Cam for some ice cream... She wasn't quite as into the ice cream as I would have been-  But I think we got some pretty cute pics of her in her dress that matched the colored sprinkles.

I am so happy to be a part of the Connell family's life and I look forward to shooting more fun photos of their family as the years go by.