Sam | Feline Extraordinaire

Sam was never a cat we had planned on having.  As a 5 month old kitten he found himself covered in greese sleeping in the wood pile in my parents garage.  He had been sleeping up on the motors of cars to stay warm during the cold October nights. I spent hours trying to get close to him and when I finally did get ahold of him I begged to never have to let him go. My mom is a cat lover but she isn't a fan of owning a long hair cat.  She did eventually give in and let me keep Sam.  He is quite shy but very loving with a purr that you can hear across the whole house- hence his nick name "motor man".

Yesterday, wile sitting outside soaking up the sun I watched my 16 year old cat wonder around the yard eating grass and hanging out.  I noticed how nice the light was and made a dash for my camera. These first two are very typical Sam... He's a very easy going cat.

It's funny because Sam often looks so much like a mini lion- I think its the Maine Coon in him.  In these next two he looks so majestic and almost fierce which is funny because of how shy and skittish he really is.

This last one is probubly my favorite- I just love the tufts of fur coming out of his ears and his freckled nose.  He's my fuzz ball and even if he does occasionally pee on things he shouldn't and is always in need of a serious bushing, I still love him!