Emily & Anthony | Married

I've known Emily since elementary school so when her mother contacted me last year to tell me of her engagement and ask if I would photograph her wedding I jumped at the chance. These two met through friends back in college.  Anthony came to visit a friend and all night long they stared at each other across the room and by the end of the night they were kissing in the alley.  Emily is, by her own admission, a bit off beat.  She has her own unique style that walks a perfect line between edgy and classic.  Don't ask me how she did it but this girl planned the most fabulous home wedding I've ever seen!  Anthony and Emily were married June 19th in the back yard of their home in Fryeburg, ME.

Carrie of Dutch Bloemen Winkel added a few special touches to Emily's black callalily bouquet.  The necklace wraped around the stems was her grandmothers.  Emily used to go through her jewelry and borrow things.  She borrowed that necklace just before her grandmother passed away.  The locket attached to the bouquet was also her grandmothers.  Her grandfather gave it to her before he went away to war.

I told you this girl was stunning!  Her vail was the coolest vail I've ever seen- as I said Classic and Edgy.

Emily didn't want to see Anthony before the wedding- that had been one tradition she told me she was sticking too.  Then a few weeks before the wedding she sent me a note saying she had been thinking and maybe they would do a first look so they could have lots of time for photos.  Anthony waited for his bride on the steps to the grandstands at the Fryeburg Fair Grounds.  After they had a few minutes to themselves Emily said to me "I am so glad we did this- I'm so relaxed now".  She has even offered to write up a little first hand experience on first look so that people can get a brides perspective on the idea.  Anyway... I digress- The Grandstands was a great place to shoot and the light was perfect!

I'm telling you these two are NATURALS!  I didn't ask them to do anything- I said "stand there" they would kiss, they would look at me then at one another.  Perfection.

The guys in front of a "Gents" restroom sign.  GQ models anyone?

After the grandstands we started out towards a few other buildings and saw two guys driving around this old black truck.  Emily casually mentioned how cool it would be to shoot some photos with it.  I sent Lindsey over to ask the guys if they minded... Of course they were all for it.  They parked the truck in the shade for us and we started snapping away.  Perfect timing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

One more of the whole bridal party in front of the grandstands before returning to Emily & Anthony's house for the ceremony.

As Emily's father gave her away tears started to roll down my cheeks.  When asked who gave Emily to be married he said "Her mother and I have had Emily all to ourselves for 25 year now we are giving her to you" (or something very close to that I was a little emotional myself and can't be 100% sure of his exact words). Anyway I cried like a baby when he gave Anthony a hug.  I know I wasn't the only one who was emotional, there were tears on all sides.

Husband & Wife.

After the ceremony Emily changed into her Chucks.

I think this is the most unique guest book I've seen yet.  Such a cool idea.

First dance to Adam Sandler's "I Wanna Grow Old With You".

Thank you Emily & Anthony for making me a part of your awesome wedding day!  It was truly a great party where two people just happened to get hitched ;)  Congratulations guys!!!!!