Andrea & Cory | Married | Boothbay, Maine | Part 1

I felt so lucky to be invited along to this wedding by my fellow wedding photographer friend Debbie!  The location- wow, the couple- wow, the whole day... Perfect!  We started the day over at the private house where the boys were getting ready.  It was a beautiful day.

Perhaps a little on the warm side for some.

I'm not exactly sure why but this next one is one of my favorite images of the day.

After spending a little time with the boys we headed back across the street to the beautiful Hodgdon Inn to find the girls.

I am telling you Andrea was the most relaxed, happy bride I've ever seen.

I couldn't get enough of her smile... it was completely contagious- every time she smiled everyone else around her couldn't help but smile too.

Isn't she just STUNNING?

Two of her lovely bridesmaid's hanging out.

Don't worry, I'm quite aware that this next photo is a little different... it's maybe not the most beautiful or exciting image but for some reason I totally love it.

This church is amazing.  Small, intimate, beautiful stone and RIGHT across the street from the ocean- does it get any better? I think not.

The ceremony was a mix of Andrea's Catholic faith and Cory's Jewish faith.

On their way back down the isle as husband and wife Cory stopped just inside the door to ring the bell.

There is plenty more gorgeousness where these came from so stay tuned for part 2.