Miranda & Tyler | Jefferson, TX | Married

Miranda and I used to joke about her wearing a large fake diamond when we would go to photograph weddings together.  She had been hit on one too many times by groomsmen and thought a fake engagement ring might help them get the hint.  It's hard to believe that was more then three years ago.  No more fake engagement rings for Miranda- she now has a real engagement and wedding band of her very own. I was honored to be asked to come and help shoot Miranda's wedding.  Miranda and her sister, Jaclyn, are two of the photographers for Image Forward Photography.  So, when Miranda wanted her sister to be her maid of honor it makes it a bit difficult to have her shoot your wedding. Jaclyn's mom, Debbie, is the owner of Image Forward and although she carried a camera she wanted to be able to enjoy the wedding and not have to shoot the whole thing herself.  I was happy to help and excited to have my camera with me.

Miranda and Tyler were married in the late morning at the Jefferson Carnegie Library in Jefferson, TX.  Obviously, being a wedding photogarpher herself, Miranda wanted to make it easy to have stunning image and picked a BEAUTIFUL location, and was excited about first glance giving us a lot of time to play for photos.

A few of us had spent the night before in a little cottage down the street from the Library.  Which provided a great front porch on which to take a few  photos of Miranda's stunning wedding gown and shoes.

Miranda's grandmother made all the bridesmaid's jewelry as well as Miranda's jewelry, her headband and the little beaded butterflies that we added to her shoes.

As Miranda walked towards Tyler for their first glance tears started to roll down my cheeks.  It's a good thing I got a few in-focus images because let me tell you I couldn't see a thing through the tears.

Jefferson is a very cool old town full of character and charm.  We drove around with the bridal party to make use of the scenery.

We then spent a little time with just the bride and groom.  These two are very used to having the photos taken but its still amazes me how stunning they are.

Miranda & Tyler you guys blow me away.

Miranda's Stunning flowers were done by Twisted Vines.

The wedding itself was small and simple.  Tyler's grandfather preformed the ceremony in front of close friends and family.

After the ceremony, we rearranged the room for the reception.  With many more friends, ice cream soda floats and snacks, the reception was a party!

Jaclyn & Marshall have been married two years this week and it was so much fun to be able to visit with them.

Miranda and Tyler had a photo booth at their wedding to have guests capture fun photos.  I snapped this mid shoot of Miranda & Jaclyn working the photo booth camera.

With a quick change into her going away dress the happy newly weds were off.  They are now enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Thank you Miranda, Tyler, Jaclyn and Debbie for allowing me to not only be a guest but also allowing me to capture memories for you.  I miss you all so much and can't wait to visit you all in Texas soon!!!   XOXO

*** Rosana Page was also there helping shoot the wedding. I didn't mean to leave her out!!! She was awesome and so much fun to shoot with!!!***