.Rebecca & Owen | Engaged | South End, Boston.

Rebecca and Owen live on the cutest street in the South End.  My assistant Lindsey (more about her and the fantasticness that she is very soon) and I traveled down to Boston on sunday to shoot these two love birds. Rebecca and Owen are awesome!  They are planning a "green" wedding.  These two are trying to be as eco friendly as possible all the way down to eco friendly invitations and save the dates.  No easy task I'm sure.

We spent the afternoon shooting near their apartment in the South End.  Even though Rebecca isn't a huge fan of having her photo taken, Owen helped her relax and have fun.

We started their shoot in this beautiful park.  I took the image on the left and the one on the right is Lindsey's.  I love how we see the same things in totally different ways.

Rebecca is stunning!  She has the soft sultry look down and then her smile lights right up!

I posted this one as the "just a taste" yesterday but I just LOVE it so I had to post it again :)

This is another one of Lindsey's awesome images.  I love the reflection in the old glass windows.

I love this old doorway.

Both of these are Lindsey's shots.  We have the steps and front doors and the back alley- and both are stunning!

Can't you just tell how in love they are??

Thank you Rebecca and Owen so much for spending the afternoon wondering around the South End with us.  I had a great time and am looking forward to your wedding in October!!!