Baby Liam | May 2010

On saturday morning I drove just a few miles from my home to the other side of Brownfield for some baby photos.  Liam's parents were given a gift certificate to have me come and take some photos of their baby boy.  We scoped out a few locations around their house (looking for the best light).  We settled on their master bed because it had a beautiful, bright skylight above it. Liam was sporting his favorite football team onesie.

After Liam decided he wasn't much in the smiling mood mom and dad decided to try a few in just his dipper.  He seemed to be one of the many babies that is happier naked.

A few shots with mom...

I think this black and white with mom is my favorite of the day!

We also did a few shots with dad.  Who decided to take the smiling issue into his own hands... literally.

I had a wonderful time with Liam and his family.  I really enjoy doing family and baby photos- I mean come on.... how can you not love taking pictures of someone so cute?