.Meghan & Jon | head over heels.

Meghan & Jon have the kind of love they make movies about.  This shoot was awesome because they were just this cute all on their own.  There were no awkward moments of them asking me "what should we do".   I told them to just be themselves-  and it worked! They live in VT but were visiting the valley for the weekend.  I know they were excited about this shoot but I think the beautiful weather and their love of mt. biking had a little to do with the weekend trip :)  We met up at the Conway Senic Railroad in North Conway.  They had their STUNNING dog Dudli with them... she makes a few cameo appearances.  The station and train cars set the stage for some fun and romantic photos.

I was a little scared that someone was going to come along and yell at us for being on the train- but no one was around so we took full advantage!

How stinkin' cute are these two?

Meghan your smile is gorgeous!!!

We walked around to the front of the train station and when I asked Jon to dip Meghan he was all for it.  He even decided mid-dip to go "no hands".  Good thing Meghan has good balance and didn't hit the ground, though I'm sure he never would have actually let her fall.

After the train station I thought I'd bring them down to first bridge by the saco river.  WHAT A SPOT!  I can't help but love where I live :)

Dudli was a bit more distracted in the field with another dog around and all the smells so she made her one appearance then ended up in the background of a lot of the photos.

By this point I think Jon was ready for a "lil' Captain"

I had a great time on this mini-shoot with Meghan and Jon.  They are such a fun couple to be around- their love and laughter is contagious.  I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope that when they do start to plan their wedding I'll be lucky enough to have them as models once again!