.15 weddings in 2010.

I have just officially booked my 15th wedding for 2010, and I couldn't be more excited!!!! A year ago I had just shot my first wedding as "Concept Spring Studio".  I was scared and totally unsure of myself in terms of building a business.  I'd been shooting weddings for two plus years so that was never much of a worry.  The scary part was the BUSINESS.  How do I find brides?  How do I brand myself?  How do I make this studio successful?  Well it isn't my full time job yet but I think I'm knocking on the door of success!

Last fall when I was working on my numbers and planning for 2010 I based everything on shooting 10 weddings this year (thinking it would be a stretch but you need goals to push for- I had high hopes).  Now here I am at the end of April at 150% of my goal.

There are not words to describe how excited I am about booking the 15th wedding for this year!  This year I've made so much progress as a business owner and as a photographer.  Setting goals is so important for success.  I have learned so much about how to be successful from some other amazing photogarphers in this business who are kind enough to share their advice.  Spending a week at WPPI and attending the Spread The Love Tour with Justin & Mary were huge eye openers.  Not only did they empower me, they made me want to jump in head first.

I can't thank all my brides, family, friends and mentors enough for my success.  You are all amazing and I wouldn't be here without you!