.unofficial house hunting.

I love houses.  My dad is a real estate agent here in Mt. Washington Valley and has been for my whole life.  My mom loves old houses and I guess its just in my blood because I love HOUSES.  I spend hours searching online looking at houses for sale just to see what's out there.  I think I'm a perpetual house hunter. Today my dad sent me a new listing that is pretty much amazing.  I'm sure there is more then meets the eye because it's a lot of house and land for the money.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up but having a new space to live that has an actual office rather then my dining room disaster of an office would be amazing!!!!  I have an appointment to see it at 1pm today- so fingers crossed it might be my diamond in the rough!

I will leave you with some photos of a few of my favorite homes I've come across recently:

These first two is located in North Conway, NH-

This second one needs some work but look at that potential!!!!

This house is in Baldwin ME... its actually across the street from my old elementary school- They have done such a great job taking care of this beautiful old house.

This house is in Saco, ME-  I drove by it yesterday and had to look it up once I got home to see the inside... they liked bright colors.

This last one is my favorite!!!! It's in Kennebunk ME (which is where my father grew up).  Its a beautiful old house that has been updated and is pretty much my dream home!  I want the old house but I also want that amazing updated kitchen...

We'll see how today viewing goes- The house isn't quite as exciting as these are but really any house right now gets me a little excited.

UPDATE: The house was very intresting but needs a lot of work-  The land is beautiful and I think it could be a fantastic house but I think with the amount of work its just out of the budget.  And the unofficial house hunt continues :)