back from vegas.

What a whirl-wind week!!!  As my partner in crime for the week put it: Vegas is Disney World for adults. I am so excited to start applying all my new ideas to my blog and website-  this might take a while because there are just so many ideas.  Debbie and I had a great time meeting the who's who of the photography world and trying to soak up every bit of information possible.  Here are some photos from our fantastic WPPI trip!

Debbie loved sitting in the "window seat" really just a little ledge by the window.

I wasn't found in the window seat quite so often but Debbie did snap a photo of me with my reflection-

A cool pic I took of New York New York- notice the big truck driving by...

Debbie and I with the MGM lion-

The following images prove that I've now met some of the coolest photogarphers on the west coast:  Becker (who I had met once before), Jasmine Star and Jessica Claire

*Can you tell I'd had a few margaritas by this point?*

Debbie and I also took a stroll one night along the strip to explore.  Out in front of Paris is this little sign and it was just too perfect to pass up the photo-opp.

Well there you have it- Debbie & Spring's trip to WPPI Vegas!  I can't wait for next year!!!!!