The Mt. Washington Resort

Sitting here with cold feet and cold fingers looking out at the fresh 8 inches of snow we just had fall from the sky- I thought I'd post some photos from a warmer time. These images are from a wedding I second shot for with Shawn Tomkinson Photography back in September of 2009.  I was so excited to shoot at the Mt. Washington Resort, not only because it is one of the most beautiful places for a wedding but it was a clear, blue sky day- perfect for a terrace wedding!

I am lucky enough to have a wedding booked next November that will take place at the Mt. Washington and I can't wait!!!

My first assignment upon arrival: shoot the boys getting ready...

Just before following the boys down to taking our places for the Ceremony I made my way to the spa to do a quick check on the girls.

The ceremony was perfect with the breathtaking backdrop...

I found myself taking a lot of photos of the brides STUNNING ring.  I just couldn't help myself - I guess I'm a sucker for shinny things :)

The floral designer for their wedding was Tammy Becker, who traveled all the way up from Boston.  I had never seen wedding flowers where the bridesmaids all had the same color but different flowers- it was such a classy and unique touch.

While Shawn was shooting the formals I took a few minutes to get some images of the grand ball room before all the guests filled in.

I had a wonderful time working with Shawn!  This was a beautiful wedding and a fantastic day!