A great view.

My desk is right next to a wall of windows that look out to the front yard of my house.  This also happens to be where most of our bird feaders are.  Makes for a rather distracting but very cool view.  We haven't had many birds show up yet this winter and I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival.  In the last couple of days I've started spotting a few gold finches, juncos and blue jays. A family friend, Brad Fuller, is an amazing photographer and he and his wife own a local art Gallery and frame shop.  He does some incredible bird photographs that have inspired me to try my hand at some bird images.  I thought that I'd start simple- stay inside and warm and shoot out the window next to my desk...  This is the first attempt I've made and I have to say I'm quite impressed with myself.

Of course we don't only have birds... As you'll see below we have a few other wild life critters that visit.