Vanessa | Marty

A few weeks ago I had the best excuse in the world to visit my favorite city of Beantown. Vanessa and Marty are getting married in Aug on the coast of Maine.  Vanessa & Marty live in Boston and jumped my suggestion to do their engagement shoot there (like I said any excuse to spend a weekend in the city).  So I traveled down to Boston and met up with Debbie (Deborah Zoe Photo) on a perfect afternoon.  Debbie is 2nd shooting the wedding with me and I figured it would be a great chance to have her meet the couple and have them get to know her.

Well, we had a blast!  We started in the public gardens and worked our way into beacon hill- finishing in front of the state house.  I'm so lucky to have such good looking and fun clients!  Marty even admitted he was excited for the shoot.  Are these guys models or what?  For this first photo I told Vanessa to "drape herself on Marty".  She gave me a slightly confused look but went for it anyway.... I knew she'd a natural.